Lisa Sternfeld

Lisa Sternfeld founded her firm, LSID, in 2006 to focus on developing high-end residential and hospitality projects. With her diverse background working with such industry greats as Thomas O'Brien and Adam Tihany, Sternfeld offers her clients a unique combination of design and vision.

Taking inspiration from her training in the United States and Europe, Sternfeld's talents convey the global influence of her travels, along with a highly tuned, sophisticated yet inviting aesthetic. An avid supporter of the modern craftsman, her interiors honor the history, tradition and techniques of the past with an eye towards the future.

Sternfeld's exploration of design and "how things are made" have shaped her aesthetic and point of view. "I am most interested in delivering quality and authenticity to my clients. Good design is everywhere, but the rare combination of beauty, integrity, and artistry is my highest goal."

A graduate of Parsons School of Design, with two design degrees, Sternfeld was recently honored with the Notable Parsons Alumni title. In 2011, Sternfeld was named one of Traditional Home and Trad Home Magazine's Top 20 New Traditional Designers.